Featured Arts Series

They say the “Earth” without “art” is just “eh…”

Being one of the most important components of our world, art is essential in human history. This summer, the Arts Faculty of HKU provides you with a series of excellent programmes, exploring the art world with you!

Understanding Asian Cinema: History, Culture, and Industry

Ever wonder if you could pursue a career in film and media industry? This course familiarises you with the special dynamics of the world of cinema. It provides a comprehensive picture of the history, culture, and industry of film in the Asian region, and it

focuses in particular on the socio-cultural relations linking the production, circulation, and appreciation of films with history, politics, business, organizations, people, and money.

Apply now: https://www.summerinstitute.hku.hk/programme/arts_gcin2028/

New Media and Social Media

Our economy, society and culture are being significantly shaped by the development of digitalization and the Internet. New media, including QR codes, Facebook page, Google+, etc. are dramatically changing creative processes, technological development, value chains, buying behavior and customer service in our society.

The course aims to provide students with an insight into how new media and social media affect consumers and the society, as well as the cultural and organizational dynamics of the business world.

Apply now: https://www.summerinstitute.hku.hk/programme/arts_gcin2020/

Rethinking Gender: A Journey Through History and Popular Culture

Why are warriors in history and popular culture predominantly male? Why are men more likely to commit crime than women? Why are some men wearing make-up, especially in East Asia today?

Rethinking Gender focuses on how women and men have confronted, deflected or negotiated the challenges facing them. We discuss a wide range of historical and popular cultural material, including texts, films and adverts in order to rethink such issues as gender relations and parenthood, through facilitating a dialogue between the sexes.

Apply now: https://www.summerinstitute.hku.hk/hs-programmes/arts_rg2020/

Translation for Beginners

This five-day course is for secondary school students interested in translating between Chinese and English.

The instructor will teach basic concepts and skills of translation and interpreting, preparing students for admission to a BA Programme in Translation in Hong Kong. If you are interested in translation, spend the summer with us and explore how it works!

Apply now: https://www.summerinstitute.hku.hk/hs-programmes/arts_trfb2020/