Connecting Asia & the world

(For undergraduates and postgraduates)

HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) aims to bring learning outside of four walls and provides initiatives for students to explore Asia and the world. Each programme is special in its own way and is supplemented with social and cultural activities to enrich students’ summer and education experience cross-cultural interaction that one may not engage elsewhere.

Global Adventure

Asia and China have been increasingly important on the global stage with its greatest potential. Hong Kong is often described as Asia’s World City and it is located right at the heart of the continent. It is one of the world’s leading financial centers, an international hub for business, a gateway to China and a springboard to other Asian cities.

Use Hong Kong as your starting point to Asia. Many of our multi-location programmes offer the opportunity to you to gain first-hand experience in the multi-cultural atmospheres of Korea, Japan, China and Singapore.

International Community

HKU Summer Institute, now with its new multi-location programmes, aims to bring student outside of the campus and into the world. Multiple programmes have been linked and created with partner schools and will be able to provide a chance for students to engage on a multi-culture journey. By embarking on the global adventures, students will be able to meet new friends and be able to widen their networks on a global scale.

Language Immersion

Ranked as the most culturally integrated economy in the world (Globalization Index, 2013), Hong Kong’s status as an international city and the rich ethnic tapestry among its local inhabitants both make for a culture unique blend of eastern and western influences.

The University of Hong Kong stems from the British tradition of academia and prestige. Over the past 100 years, it has developed and grown into an institution with a deep-rooted tradition, history and international outlook.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Make HKU Campus your home in the pulsing city of Hong Kong. Study at the state-of-the-art Chi Wah Learning Commons. Take a coffee study break with your classmates at one of ten cafes on campus.

Apart from the aspiring learning experience at HKU Campus, you could also experience cultural exchanges and exploration of the city with various social and cultural activities. HKU Summer Institute organizes a wide range of activities from Heritage Tour to Ghost Tour, Museums Visit to Island Adventures. Students can be immersed in Hong Kong’s culture in different ways. Live and redefine the word, “Classroom” as you step out of the surrounding four walls and learn as you go!


Career Exploration

Hong Kong is the number-one choice for the international businesses to establish their regional headquarters; it currently hosts about 7,600 overseas companies.

Many of our programmes provide opportunities of field trips, guest talks and company visits, allowing you to establish a strong professional network, giving you a head start in your career. Apart from studies, hands-on experience in industries is also playing an important role in your overall development. HKU Summer Institute offers internship opportunities to help you to gain direct exposure to the dynamic working culture in Hong Kong and Asia.