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Social & Cultural Activities

Welcome to the HKU Summer Institute!

In our hyper-connected world, a classroom is no longer confined by four walls, or any walls. Whenever learning takes place, that’s a classroom. We will arrange a variety of social and cultural activities that will not only feed your curious soul, but also enrich your local experience and cultivate new friendships.

Social Activities & Tours

Don't miss out to explore and experience the activities and tours which are full of Hong Kong's lifestyle!

*Available for all HKUSI students.

*Fees applied.

Dukling Sailing Tour

Embark on a unique journey aboard an antique boat, drifting across the famous Victoria Harbour. This nostalgic experience represents the history of Hong Kong, and you can even participate in unique activities on the boat!

M+ Museum - Ticket Reservation (General Exhibition) x Big Bus Tour (HK Island)

M+ Museum is Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture located in the West Kowloon Cultural District. The M+ Collections offering a creative interactive experience. The M+ building includes 33 Galleries, Cinema Houses, and Roof Garden that faces Victoria Harbour. This unique building has recently become a hot spot in Hong Kong. Please don't miss it!

HK Palace Museum - Ticket Reservation (Special Exhibition) x Big Bus Tour (HK Island)

Hong Kong’s latest world-class cultural landmark is the Hong Kong Palace Museum, located on a 13,000-square-metre site at the western tip of the West Kowloon Cultural District. It comprises 9 galleries and presents over 900 priceless treasures from the Palace Museum in Beijing. The special exhibition features many collections that have never been publicly displayed, offering you a feast for the eyes. Additionally, lectures, workshops, performances and screenings on various themes are also launched, allowing you to immerse yourself in exploring Chinese art and culture from a new perspective.

Lamma Island Foodie Tour

Join the Lamma Island Foodie Tour and experience this paradise that is easily accessible only 40 minutes from the modern city. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the sea in the countryside. Visit the Tin Hau Temple and World War II relics to explore the history and local culture, and experience the life of fishermen while indulging in delicious seafood.

Sai Kung Foodie Tour

In this tour, we will visit the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark where you can learn about the geological history of Hong Kong and the surrounding region. The centre features interactive exhibits and displays about volcanoes, earthquakes, and other natural phenomena. Taking a boat ride to Sharp Island, you will explore the beautiful beaches, clear waters, and stunning rock formations. You will enjoy the fresh seafood and local delicacies for lunch as well.

Tai Kwun Art Tour with Exhibition

To explore the creative side of Hong Kong; this tour is a must-do for all art enthusiasts. Tai Kwun, once a colonial-era police station and prison, has been transformed into a vibrant cultural hub for arts and entertainment. Discover the art galleries, heritage exhibitions, and interactive performing arts experiences that await you at this historic site in Central. Uncover the cultural treasures hidden amidst the bustling city, and gain a new appreciation for Hong Kong's diverse offerings.

PMQ x Man Mo Temple Cultural Tour

This cultural tour will creatively introduce art and local traditions by visiting PMQ and Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan. PMQ is a former police dormitory, and it has been revitalised as a creative hub for local artists and designers to showcase their work. Next to PMQ, Man Mo Temple is an inspiring destination for residents and tourists with over 170 years, where scholars and students would visit and seek progress in their studies or success in civil examinations during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Nowadays Hong Kong residents visit Man Mo Temple on specific days yearly to pray for blessings.

Big Bus Tour

Big Bus Tour offers you the most unique and comprehensive sightseeing experience to discover Hong Kong as a city with major landmarks and scenic views. The tour comes with interesting and entertaining tour guide commentary that allows you to look for your favourite spots in this energetic city.

Cultural Heritage at HKU

The University of Hong Kong, as the oldest university in the city, has always recognized the importance of preserving its architectural heritage. The Main Campus showcases a beautiful blend of different architectural styles, ranging from Gothic and colonial to historic and modern, seamlessly combining elements of both Chinese and Western aesthetics. To enhance your experience further, our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through a captivating tour of the campus. Along the way, they will share fascinating stories about the cultural heritage of HKU. This tour not only allows participants to familiarize themselves with various campus facilities but also provides students with a deeper understanding of architectural and cultural heritage, as well as sustainable approaches that benefit and enrich the experiences of both present and future generations

Hiking to the Peak

During this trip, we will walk along a gentle slope for an hour to visit Lugard Viewing Platform, and Pinewood Battery. We will see the old times Fortress of Hong Kong. The Peak will be our final stop, where you will see the stunning view of the world-renowned Victoria Harbour and Central City. We will dismiss at the Peak so that you can choose to stay there for supper or return to the city by bus or the Peak Tram.

High Table Dinner

Join us for a traditional formal dinner event that brings together participants and staff members in an elegant setting. This is an ideal opportunity to experience HKU traditions and share experiences with like-minded individuals

Latte Art Workshop

Guided by skilled instructors, this latte art workshop will guide you through the process of mastering coffee fundamentals, latte art techniques, and invaluable tips. Through this workshop, you will gain the ability to appreciate the rich aromas and robust flavors of coffee, as well as acquire the skills necessary to brew the perfect cup adorned with stunning 3D latte art designs

Leather Craft Workshop

As the trend of locally crafted leather accessories continues to thrive, we invite you to join us in creating a leather cardholder adorned with a pattern inspired by Hong Kong's traditional mailbox. This workshop offers the opportunity to infuse your work with the signature style of Hong Kong's heritage, resulting in a truly unique and unforgettable leather crafting experience

Dim Sum Candle Workshop

As food is the mainstay of people's lives, shrimp dumpling is the indispensable part of tea culture and people’s favourite. In support of local culture, the instructor leads students to create dim sum candles in a systematic way, making the production process easy to understand and create realistic works that are completely handmade. Students can take the "delicious food" home and enjoy it for long

Henna Tattoo Workshop

Hong Kong has always promoted respect for multiculturalism and racial integration. Students can learn the traditional crafts and arts of different countries by participating in the ethnic minority art workshop. Through this opportunity students may interact with ethnic minorities and understand other cultures better, and learn to respect the uniqueness and differences between different ethnic groups

HK Style Milk Tea Workshop

Guided by professionals, this hands-on workshop will teach you the techniques and secrets to brewing the perfect cup of Hong Kong style milk tea. Plus, you will receive a DIY milk tea gift box to share with your family

3D Fluid Art Bear Painting Workshop

Let’s play with colours! This is one of the most popular and emerging fluid art activities on the market, and you will enjoy creating patterns and textures on the toy bear with your favourite colours. Join us and bring your own 3D Fluid Art Bear back

Cantonese Workshop

Learning the local language is an important way to integrate into and understand the local culture. Whether it is your first time coming to Hong Kong or you have never been exposed to Cantonese, this zero-based Cantonese course will enable you to quickly master the pronunciation of the 9 tones of Cantonese, authentic slang, and how to use simple Cantonese for daily communication

Cultural Exchange Activities & Workshops

Get inspired! Join our workshops to gain insight and enjoy the cultural exchange in Summer!

*Available for all HKUSI students.

*Fees applied.


  1. Activities are available for selected programmes.
  2. Enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis and has a limited quota.
  3. Particular terms and conditions apply to each activity/workshop, please refer to the respective activity/workshop description on the Online Reservation Platform.
  4. Students are required to check their course schedule to avoid any clash when applying for an activity/workshop.
  5. All activity/workshop fees are non-refundable.
  6. HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) reserves the right to alter and/or cancel any activity/workshop without prior notice.
  7. In case of any dispute, the decision of HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) shall be final.